LOoooOOOONng overdue

Aloha to all of you Hanablog-followers. I got a few e-mails from people wondering what happened to the Hana Farms blog? and I wanted to apologize- as I have been away from the farm for a while- and so I have only been able to get updates from a few of the farmies while I have been away. (Which I am opening up this forum for anyone from the farmily who wants to write an update or 3 from your time on the farm...nudge nudge Shay, Lexie, Anne, Moss, Michael, Jake....anyone?) I have pirated some of the photos that they have taken over the past few months...and I can tell you it looks like some incredible times have been had by all. The outdoor-clay-wood-fired pizza oven is one of the highlights- as not only is it completed and functioning like a charm...but Hana Farms is now putting on Pizza Night every Friday evening...complete with life music and wonderful people. This has been beautifully received by the Hana community, as lets be honest...there aren't many options for night life on a Friday night unless you make your own! I am unbelievably proud of Dori, Alan and everyone else who believed in this project and had the determination to make it happen- this was completely led by the people...for the people :)

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