All the fullness of Summer

Where to begin about this summer... It has been a fantastic whirlwind of changes, laughter, abundance, and growth for the farm.

First off, we had to say goodbye to some of our best friends. Sydney- our resident artist and master slack-jaw player, you brought so much laughter and beauty and joy to this farm. Your amazing deserts we will never get over. How can I even begin to talk about how grateful I was to have you in my life. You had such grace and exuberance, thank you for your time here (over a year! shows just how hard it is to leave this place) Miss you dearly! Angus- one month here turned into 6 and we couldn't have been happier. Thank you for your enthusiasm, for dressing up in the yellow jump suit and working the stand, for the moped rides and bro's delight with Zack! another one we just couldn't bear to let go. Zack, we all hope and pray you come again, because you truly have the ALOHA spirit and understood with depth the spirit of this land and this community. Paula- thanks for the love you brought with you and left behind, your spirit here glows on. Tim and Edith- thank you for your raw food insights, fantastic cooking and amazing baking. Sam and Kelly- you are wonderful Hana Farms family, thank you for your frequent visits, for giving alan a "quick ride" to Hana :P and staying to make the best dinner our mouths had ever tasted. Helene- you were so much fun, thanks for sharing Quebec culture with us! Jad- we're still having farm meetings, thanks for bringing this needed organization to the farm, and for all the little things you saw and did that improved this place, and for your spirit and openness. And Michael- the most recent departure. I really thought you had you convinced to stay forever, but home calls :) You are a rockstar, the official farm and Maui tour guide extraordinaire- you gave us so much- themed parties, community spirit. Your transformation here was incredible to watch and I have no doubt you'll carry all that energy with you on your next endeavor.

Well the post seems to have a lot of shout-outs, but it just shows how lucky we are here at Hana Farms to have such amazing souls and spirits that are drawn to be a part of our ohana, our farm community and extended FARMily (wherever they may be now) and our Hana community- thanks so much for all you do. Thank you for all of the ways that you have left a part of yourselves here, forever part of the beautiful story that is Hana Farms. <3

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