The Summer Round-up

With all of the amazing transitions that have happened throughout the summer, I'm so grateful that we have had the chance to welcome so many amazing people as well. The new crew has seen a lot of change- new commercial ovens, tour buses galore down at the stand- and taken everything with such stride. We have Dori and Shay premiering what will be a fantastic meal for Cafe Attitude, a weekly gathering for local food and open-mic. Jake's been making us sauerkraut. Alan- thanks for the soap that's been keeping us all clean. Austin has been mastering the art of pizza, which is a good things because....

We're Building A Clay Oven!

Dori has been researching for months now, and bringing this project together. Him and alan have teamed up in what is a hilarious duo -that both know what they're doing and don't, but it is looking incredibly beauitful already. The hana community has been super helpful in providing information and resources to help this project come together, and we can't wait to thank everyone by hosting evening pizza parties, our very own "Pizza Club"

I must include that Hana Farms has been having some of the best themed parties to-date. I was blown away by the sustainability party (all costumes must be made of materials from the land), the stash bash was a riot- and (thankfully in many cases) Alan is the only one still sporting his facial hair entry (which is really staring to grown on me, perhaps you'll keep it :)

The dorms have become a wonderful feminine oasis and seeing much improvement from the hands and hearts of Shay, Moss, and Emily. And we've all been blessed tremendously by Ruth, our resident yoga teacher, who joined us after 4 months studying yoga in India, so grateful to you, for your teas and teachings and dried herbs for the kitchen, your the best!

Haley (from Kauai most recently), Annie (from California) and Lexie (from New York), our newest arrivals, Welcome!

As we transition into fall, I'm looking forward to citrus season, our Myer lemons are ripening, and a see keiki cacao pods on the tree, more raw cacao to come! Another special thanks to our vendors and artists who supply our little road-side market with delicious organic abundance. Keeping the lilikoi coming means we're stocking up on Lilikoi jam AND lilikoi cocktails (with Marty's new recipe).

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